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Everyone is looking for ways to save money every day. One of the most popular ways of saving money is using coupons. I know you have heard of “Extreme Couponing”. It is one of the most popular shows on TLC.


I am going to show you a few places for free printable coupons online. I am also going to throw in some tips to help get you saving that put a smile on your face.


Coupons can save you 20-40% on your grocery bill each week, even more if you use on items that are on sale. At some stores on certain days you can get double or even triple value of the coupon.




The first coupon started in 1887, Coca-Cola distributed it for one free glass of Coke. As the business began to grow, the company introduced coupons to help it along. Coca-Cola would offer pharmacists two gallons of Coke syrup in return for the names and addresses of consumers who lived near that pharmacy, and they’d direct mail the coupon to the consumer. A marketing concept was born.



Coupons.com is a great site to download coupons. Just click, print, and save is their motto. It really is just that simple. They have hundreds of coupons. You can even have them sent to your loyalty member cards for stores such as Publix or Kroger, just to name a few.


The site is easy to navigate. It has a dropped down menu so you can go straight to the product you may be looking for. You can even share these coupons with your friends and family.


Coupons.com Dashboard



I love this site because they even let you know how much you can save. For instance, today is October 30, 2018, and there are 104 coupons available and $127.58 in total savings. They even have cash back offers.






Some of you may have never heard of this site. LOZO searches 100’s of websites & apps to find the right printable coupons for you.


Lozo Dashboard


One of the best features on this site is their grocery list. You have to sign up to use this feature. You fill out your grocery list and they will email coupons straight to you for your weekly savings. How awesome is that feature? No more prowling the internet for coupons, they will be sent right to you.



With over 7 million members, Couponmom.com is one of the most popular sites to get free coupons online. They have 1000s of coupons available and How To Videos.


Couponmom.com Dashboard


One of the best features of this site is how you can search for your coupons. They have dropped down menus divided into store coupons, brand coupons, and you can even search by location so you know your getting the best deals in your area. Couponmom.com even has a database where you can see the coupons coming up in the Sunday paper.



Smartsource.com has 1000s of coupons to chose from. You can print or have them sent straight to your loyalty card. You can search by location, category, and brands.


Smartsource.com Dashboard


Another advantage of joining this site is they will send you a newsletter in your email with local coupons. The site also keeps track of how many coupons you “clip” and how much money you are saving which makes life a lot easier.



Mommysavesbig.com may be another site your not aware of that I think is an excellent place to get store coupons. Not many sites have places like Famous Footwear, PC Penney, and Lane Bryant. They even have coupons for restaurants like Applebees and Texas Roadhouse.


Mommysavesbig.com Dashboard


On Mommysavesbig.com you can search for coupons by categories, brands, and stores. They have exclusive coupons available that you may not find anywhere else. You can even get Free Samples sent straight to your home.



Another great site for clothing and drugstore coupons is Retailmenot.com. They have coupons for almost ever chain store available to print and all for FREE.


Retailmenot Dashboard


With Retailmenot.com you can browse through so many categories. They have a coupon for everything like electronics, furniture, and automotive. There is even have a gift card category. You can sign up and have them sent straight to your email.


Another thing that Retailmenot.com has is an RX Saver. You can search for the cheapest prices on all your medications. You can even search for doctors in your area. Retailmenot.com has most of your coupon needs covered and in every category.


A few tips on saving money at the store.

Almost all major retailers and stores have some sort of loyalty program/card that reward their most frequent shoppers. You can get loyalty cards from grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, and drug stores.

Loyalty Cards


Some stores, like Kroger, send you coupons in the mail if you have their loyalty card. You can save up to 75% with some of their mailings. Which isn’t bad for being a reward’s member and it is free.


There are some grocery stores that offer double or triple savings on certain days. Some stores only honor up to a $1 off with this deal but, if you had a $0.25 coupon, you could save as much as $0.75 off a product. Check your local stores for the days if they offer double or triple savings.


Another great tip is look for items you use, to be on sale. Then you can go to one of the sites mentioned above or check your local Sunday paper and see if they have a coupon available for additional savings.


Final thoughts…

I hope this list helps you in your search for coupons. There are so many sites now available for printable coupons. You can either have them sent to your email or mobile device. You can print them or send them straight to your loyalty cards. Nothing could be easier, the coupon is automatically deducted from your total at check out.


If, you know of another wonderful site that offers something the ones I mentioned above doesn’t please leave the details in the comments below. If, you have any couponing or shopping tips you would like to share please feel free to do so below. Did you find this list helpful? Please share with your family and friends if you did. Everyone loves to save money.


TTFN and Happy Savings,



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