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Welcome to my Guide for a Clutter Free Laundry/Mud Room and Organization Ideas. I hope you have had the chance to read my post, A Guide to a Clutter Free Home and Organization Ideas, it is an excellent start to the decluttering process.

In my clutter free laundry/mud room guide, I am going to be discussing how to keep your laundry/mud room working for you and how to keep it clutter free. An impossible task, right?

In a lot of homes, your laundry room and mud room are combined. Most of the time, it is the room that is entered into the most. Normally the front door is reserved for guest, while the mud/laundry room is used by the homeowners and select guest.

Did I do that?

From children coming in and out, pets coming in with muddy paw prints, a place to collect coats, hats, shoes, and book bags, and doing laundry, with so much traffic, it is no wonder it stays cluttered and messy. Your life will change once you have a room working for YOU.

Here is a guide to get you organized and make your laundry/mud room clutter free:


Declutter the clutter.

If you read, A Guide to a Clutter Free Home and Organization Ideas, than you know Step 1: Make a plan. Now onto Step 2: Declutter, in more detail.

As I have previously stated, I like to start with a clean slate. I remove everything that isn’t bolted down, out of the room. I thoroughly clean the whole room, from top to bottom.

Get your 3 Boxes ready… Let the Purge begin. Keep, Toss, and Donate.


Now, there are really two ways you can purge a room:

  1. As you start the process of cleaning out the room, you can start separating your items into your boxes.
  2. Remove everything from the room, clean the room, and than purge or clean your items as you start organizing the space to make it more functional.

I use both of these methods. I use the first way when I am actually rearranging the room to make it more efficient. I use the second way when I am doing a thorough cleaning and I know there isn’t much purging that needs to be done. Remember, items to be left in the space, should be used in that space. In other words, you wouldn’t

Purging is always the hard part. You always come across items you don’t know if you should keep or toss. My motto is if you haven’t used it in a year or if it has expired, toss it. Now when I say toss it, this could mean donate or throw away, depending on the item and the items condition.


Organization is productive.

Want to know why you should organize? Having an organized space make your time spent in that space more productive. When you are not spending time searching for the stain remover that you just sat down, life is more productive. You know what I am talking about.

This is where your plan comes into the equation. Once you know how you want your space laid out, all you have to do is get to work on it. Remember it is just a plan, plans can change so, don’t sweat the small stuff. Once your in the space and all items have been removed, you may notice you have more space than originally thought.

Did you get that?

If you didn’t have this in your plan already, I suggest sitting in the clean space and think of all the ways the space is used. Figure out where your problem areas are and find solutions to those areas. It could be storage issues, not enough plug ins, or simply needing a table to fold laundry.

Once you have a good idea of all the materials you need, go shopping and explore all the options available for your space. I will show you a few options below.


Laundry room Organization

I am going to show you a few ideas for organizing the problem areas in your laundry room. You can find these items anywhere really. Some of these things you may just have lying around the house already.

Laundry rooms can be placed anywhere in a home, from the basement to the top floor. Some laundry rooms are small, some are large. Depending on the size of your room means the amount of actual storage you have.

No matter the size, here are some space-saving organization ideas:

Shelf & Rod

-Hang a shelf and rod above the washer/dryer. If you don’t have a shelving unit above your washer/dryer, make your own. Simply hang a shelf and place a hanging rod below it to hang fresh out of the dryer laundry, to prevent wrinkles. If your laundry room is shared with an entrance into the home, the rod could double as a coat hanger to save space. Don’t have money for a shelf, you can use plastic crates screwed into the wall to make an instant shelf.

Behind Door Shelf

-Install shallow shelves behind door. Does your laundry room have a door? If so, install shallow shelves behind it to store all your laundry essentials and have enough room for other house hold cleaners. You can place a lock on the door to keep items out of reach from children or pets.

-Skinny Laundry Cart. Do you have a small space separating your washer and dryer? If so, you can build a skinny laundry cart to slide in between the units. You can store all your laundry essentials and even add a pop up side table for folding and ironing your clothes.

-Ironing board storage. Install 2 coat hangers behind the door to place your ironing board on, simple close the door and it is out of sight.

Box Shelves & Rod

-Simple box shelves. If you have a blank small canvas, these box shelves will do nicely and you can even customize. You can place them anywhere. Place 2 close together so you can place a rod in between for hanging clothes.

-Install a laundry chute. One of the best inventions for the laundry room. If your laundry room is in your basement or on the bottom floor, when all your dirty laundry is several floors up, you will love a laundry chute. Found to be the most efficient way to get children to pick up their dirty clothes.


Mud room Organization.

Having a well organized mudroom or entryway can help keep the rest of your house clean. When your family members have a place to neatly store their daily gear, the rest of your home seems to become clutter free.

If you have a mudroom or small area at the back door, you know that the area becomes a catch-all for everyone in the house.

Here are some solutions to help curb all the clutter for this area and make it more functional:

Bench by Backdoor

-Place a bench by the door. By placing a bench by the backdoor, you give your family a place to sit and remove their shoes. This will help keep the rest of your floors in the home clean. A bonus, children will know exactly where their shoes are in the morning.

-Place hooks by doorway. Are you tired of seeing their coats and book bags lying around everywhere? No matter how small of an entrance you have, you can place hooks behind the door or on any way where there is space. Each member of your family can have a hook or two for their belongings.

-Hang decorative baskets by doorway. Need more storage by the backdoor for keys, wallets, mail or anything that can’t be place on a hook? Hanging baskets on the wall is a great way to add decor and functionality to your back entrance.

Family Hub

-Add a message center. If your mudroom is also your primary entryway, set up a little message center. Your message center can include a bulletin board, small shelves for notes, and even a pull up writing surface. And this is the perfect place to leave reminders, grocery list, and messages for other family members.

-Hang recycling bins on the wall. If you have room by your back entrance, place recycle bins on the wall to get them up and out of the way.



-Build cubbies. If your mudroom is large enough, create cubbies for each family member. This is a great place to keep sporting gear, book bags, coats, and shoes all in one place. No more stressful mornings gathering up your daily gear.



Final Thoughts…

Whew, now that you have finished with your amazing functional room transformation, Celebrate. You now have a room that is working with you, not against you. Step back and take in your new room, look at the wonderful space you created.

Whew! Done. Celebrate!

Finishing this room should be a great motivator to tackle the rest of the house. Now remember, your newly organized home is a work in progress. If this organization project took longer than you expected, take some time off before starting a new room.

When you are ready to tackle another room, please check out my guide for other room organization. You will be happy in your new clutter free home.

Once you have everything organized, remember, life happens. Your newly organized space will become messy and untidy over time. Just do any necessary purging and cleaning weekly to keep it looking tidy.

Remember, have a place and purpose for everything in your space.

TTFN and Happy Organizing.


***I would love to see your pictures of the wonderful spaces that you have created. Please leave any comments, questions, tips, and pictures down below. I look forward to hearing from you.***

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