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With the Holidays approaching, one of the biggest New Year’s resolutions is to get your home organized. Actually this feeling can over come us at anytime during the year, maybe even several times a year if you are like me.

I have decided to make a guide for a clutter free home and organization ideas. In this guide I am going to go room by room, breaking down each purpose of the space, and how to achieve maximum organization and less clutter. This guide will be broken up into several post dedicated to each room of your home.

Home Organization

In this post I will be talking about all the ways to get creative with organizing your home and making the job of decluttering less of a chore and more of a rewarding experience. I will show you all the tools you will need to achieve the look you want and design a space you will never want to leave.


First Step to a Clutter Free Home, Make a Plan.

Let’s face it, we all are pack rats in one way or another. We hold on to items that have sentimental value, hard to find items, items we only may use once or just once in a while. Clutter is everywhere in our home and is a major cause of stress for many people.

Make a Plan

Decluttering your home should not be a painful process. You can keep everything you want and toss or donate the things you don’t want.

OK, so you say, “I want to keep everything.” Then let’s organize the clutter so it is less of an energy zapper and you can find things easily.

Before we get started on designing our new clutter free home, you first have to Make a Plan. Now depending on how large of a clutter or organization problem you have, this plan could easily be completed over a weekend or a whole year. So don’t feel overwhelmed thinking this has to be accomplished in a weekend.

Fail to Plan

Do ONE room or space at a time. Please listen to me here, do only one room (2 rooms if clutter is minimal) at a time. You will thank me for this advice later. As I said, “Clutter is stressful.”

Take your time and really think about the purpose of the room, what items are kept in that space, how those items are used, and your ultimate goal for that room. When you have answered these questions, the rest becomes easy. Maybe not the purging part but, trust me, it will become easy once you put some thought into each room.


Second Step to a Clutter Free Home, Declutter.

Now that you have wrapped your head around what you are about to do, let’s get to it. You have created your game plan and have chosen your starting point, now what?

I am sure you have seen the popular home organization reality shows on television. When you watch those shows, you think to yourself, “My clutter isn’t that out of control.” While you may be right, these shows can give you some good ideas on storage solutions and creative ways to get organized.

Keep Toss Donate

The most important thing to learn from the reality shows is organizing a plan to declutter. One of the most popular ways is to get 3 Boxes for your items. You will have a Keep, Toss, and Donate box. This will force you to make a choice item by item.

***{In my opinion when you are making a change, it is best to start with a brand new slate. This way nothing is standing in your way to create the space you want. When I declutter a space, I clean everything (within reason) out of the space. I then clean like it is Spring or my In-Laws are coming for a visit. Once the space has been totally cleared out and cleaned, I start adding my keepsakes back into the space.}***

Now back to organizing and deciding what to keep, toss, and donate. In each room these items will be totally different of course so, I will break them down when we get to the room your currently working on.

Expiration Date

A general rule of thumb, toss anything that you can’t donate and don’t want to keep. Donate items that can be reused and are not broken or torn. We will get to the keep items later.


Tools to get a Clutter Free Home, No tool bag required.

Now comes the fun part of our goal for a clutter free home and becoming more organized, creative storage solutions. While there are so many options out there, I am going to give you ways in each room post to achieve this goal. Once again, each room will have many options available to tackle many problem areas of the space.

Creative Storage

A few common tools for organization are storage containers, cubes, curtain rods, twisty ties, ribbons, and soup cans. Yes, you heard me right, soup cans can be used for a creative storage solution. Most of my organization ideas can be achieved with little to no money spent on expensive storage solutions.


Myths about a Clutter Free Home, BUSTED.

There are so many reasons to come up with to not declutter or organize your home. I promise you the benefits of a decluttered home out way the clutter every time.

I am going to debunk a few myths about decluttering you may have thought about when making the decision to have a clutter free home.


You don’t need a huge amount of time. While there may be some spaces in your home that will take you longer than others, you don’t need to take time off work or wait until your vacation days to tackle this chore. Depending on the amount of clutter that needs to be cleared out, you could easily complete a few rooms in a weekend or the basement over a weekend. You can even work on your goals in 15-30 minute intervals. Whatever it takes to get the job done. The most important thing to remember is, Just Get Started.


Money Bag


You don’t need a huge amount of money. Most people think, in order to be organized you have to spend a ton of money on storage options. This is not true, there are many affordable options to storage and some options can even be found in your home already. Just start getting creative with the items you already have on hand.



You don’t have to hire a professional or helpers. If you have the money to hire a professional to get your home organized then by all means call them. Most of us don’t have that luxury, this is a simple DYI project that anyone can complete themselves with little to no help. If you have great friends and want to throw an organizing party, then get those invitations sent. Just, maybe, don’t tell them the real reason for the party.


Final thoughts…

Congratulations, you have made the decision to get organized and have a clutter free home. Now it is time to start making your game plan room by room.

Get started this weekend, sooner is better than later. Start small and finish big, you will be glad you did.

Room by Room

Here is your room by room guide:

Laundry / Mud Room

Kitchen / Dinning Room

Living Room / Entertainment Room

Master Bedroom

Child’s Bedroom


Attic / Garage / Storage Shed


I hope this guide will be one you pass along to your family and friends so, they can achieve a clutter free home like yours.

TTFN and Happy Organizing,


***I would love to hear about your organizing and decluttering adventures down below. Also, if you have any tips you would like to share with the rest of us please feel free to do so.





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