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So you want to “Go Green”? Are you still using plastic drinking straws?

Oprah’s Favorite Things

I am sure you have heard of the latest eco friendly craze, reusable drinking straws. Maybe, you even saw them featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things 2018. In this post, I am going to tell you, 3 things everyone knows about eco friendly drinking straws that you don’t.

Don’t worry if you have never heard of these wonderful earth saving inventions. They have recently been gaining in popularity over the last few years.

I will give you all the information you will need to get all caught up on this latest craze and introduce you to a wonderful start up company, who is solving eco problems with their latest products.


What is an Eco Friendly Drinking Straw?

A Lot of Straws

It is said, Americans use 500 Million, yes 500 MILLION, plastic straws a day. That is enough straws to fill 125 school buses a day, that is approximately 1.6 straws per person per day. One can only imagine what this is doing to our planet.

Be Straw Free

Luckily, some people are concerned with these numbers enough, to invent a new way of drinking, using an eco friendly, reusable drinking straw. It is such a concern there is even a Be Straw Free Campaign, started by a 9-year-old boy named, Milo Cress.

The goal of the campaign is to reduce straw disposal across the U.S., especially in restaurants that offer straws by default. You can help contribute to this cause by applying the same principles at home and while out eating at restaurants, using an eco friendly reusable drinking straw.

The new drinking straws come in a variety of options depending on your use of the straw. There are compostable, bamboo, metal, glass, and silicone straws. All materials have their own benefits but, I prefer a metal straw for everyday use.


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The Right Pack

Benefits of Using Reusable Metal Straws.

Need more reasons to use a reusable, eco friendly, metal straw? Here are a few important benefits.

save-the-planetSave the planet. Haven’t we polluted the World enough? Maybe, you have never thought about how much plastic straws pollute our planet until now. After seeing the number of plastic straws disposed of on a daily basis don’t you want to be a part of the solution instead of the problem? By using a reusable eco friendly metal straws you will reduce your carbon footprint.

Safe to use. Plastic straws have been known to leech harmful chemicals into your bloodstream. Metal straws are BPA Free and safe to use. No plastic side effects here.

Easy to clean. Metal straws are dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Just simply rinse your straw and place in dishwasher for cleaning. If you need a little more cleaning power than the dishwasher, your metal straw kit comes with a wire cleaning brush. You can also use the wire brush on your sports bottles or child’s sippy cups.

straw-in-orangeOne strong straw. Did you know you can drink straight from an orange? Well maybe you didn’t but, there is nothing better than orange juice straight from the source. With a metal straw you can push right into the orange and enjoy, try that with a plastic straw. Impossible!

Safe for kids. Looking for the perfect kid friendly reusable eco friendly straw? With a metal straw you don’t have to worry about the durability of the product. Unlike glass reusable straws, metal straw are perfectly safe for kids to use.

These are a few of the reasons, metal drinking straws are my favorite. There are so many more benefits to using metal straws but, I don’t want to keep you any longer. A simple search online can give you additional benefits you may be looking for.


Who is Sunshine Straw Company?

As I stated earlier, I would be introducing you to a wonderful start up company, Sunshine Straw Company. There are many companies offering reusable eco friendly straw options. What makes the Sunshine Straw Co my choice for metal straws?

Save Me Please

They saw a real world crisis and came up with a solution to the problem. Not only do they aim to replace single-use, plastic straws with reusable metal ones, but a portion of each sale goes towards conservation and ocean restoration programs.

While most companies are created by offering a solution to a problem a lot of us are having, the Sunshine Straw Co is about more than making a buck. Check out their latest projects and news.

Oh and did I mention, they are “Made In The USA”, in St. Petersburg, FL.

Made In USA

Other Products Available from Sunshine Straw Co.


Want more products from Sunshine Straw Company? Check out their Sunshine Tumbler.

This is not your typical tumbler. You can brew coffee on the go, enjoy loose-leaf or bag tea easily with the tea caddy and remove them when they are at the right steeping point.

Also, make infused water or medical brews, such as, dandelion tea or St. John’s Wort tea. The possibilities are endless with this tumbler.

Final Thoughts…

What are you doing to go green? One small step that will lead to a big impact, is switching from plastic straws to reusable, eco friendly, metal straws. Not only will they make a big impact but, they are low in cost.

Save the Planet

What are you waiting for? Let’s go save the planet, one straw at a time.

Happy Savings,


I want to know what you think about the reusable, eco friendly, metal straws. Please leave your feedback, recommendations, and thoughts down below. Inquiring minds want to know, down below.

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Need to save some money on drinks so, you can use your new straws? Check out my post on Free Printable Coupons.

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4 thoughts on “3 Things Everyone Knows About Eco Friendly Drinking Straws That You Don’t

  1. Drink straight from the fruit. Beautiful way to save the planet. This is really awesome ideas and this metal straw is really the future innovation. Its just like the spoon and fork, now we have metal straw. I should get myself these beautiful set. Thank you for your great review.

    1. Hi Azaliha,

      Thank you for stopping by. I am glad you enjoyed the review. Yes, reusable straws are a wonderful way to save the planet. If we don’t start taking care of our planet, the beauty may not be around for future generations to enjoy.

      Please spread the word and share with others. I would love your feedback if you make a purchase. 

      Best Wishes,

      Dana 🙂

  2. This is so cool. I am definitely becoming more conscious about my waste and using reusable products. I like the idea of reusable straws. I think I would go with the metal or bamboo. A silicone one would probably be safer for my children. I wouldn’t want them to hurt their teeth on a metal straw. Are they recyclable? I know they are reusable but I was thinking about long term cleanliness. There may come a point when I wouldn’t trust the amount of food that came through the straw and that it has been cleaned well enough, and I would want to buy a new set. Would I be able to stick this set in the recycling?

    1. Hi Evette,

      I love the idea of reusable straws too. I am a freak about cleanliness so I understand the concern with long term use. Yes, they are recyclable. They are made from 305 Stainless Steel which can be recycled. 

      Yes for smaller children I would recommend a silicone straw. You would need to keep a close eye on the silicone for any cracks, that could harbor germs. 

      Thank you for stopping by and I would love for more feedback after you have made your purchase. 

      Happy Shopping,

      Dana 🙂

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